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  • What is a relocation and why is it so cheap?
    RV, camper & car rental companies sell one way relocation rentals through as a way to save money on paying drivers and trucking vehicles. These companies have hundreds of vehicles which need relocating to different cities around the USA, each day so watch for daily updates. Relocation rentals have restricted time and mileage.
  • How far ahead can I book?
    Most trips become available in the month prior to travel, however we do get more notice for seasonal and factory relocations. Please register with us by adding your details to our waiting list.
  • Do I need a special licence to drive the RVs?
    No special license is required. Your license needs to be written in English. You can obtain an International driver’s license before you leave your country of origin or if your license is written in a language other than English you can contact your embassy for a legal translation. You do need to be 21 years or older and drivers over 75 need a yearly medical certificate.
  • Can I add extra days in addition to the days allowed?
    You must return the vehicle by the latest delivery date specified. Often extra days can be added within this time frame and this will be indicated on the deal listing on The extra days can be purchased at the rate given by the supplier and quoted on the website. Most extra days cost $75 per day. Please check with us at the time of booking. Extra days will include additional mileage.
  • Are there mileage restrictions for relocations?
    Yes. The mileage allowance is nominated by the rental company. Please note that excess miles will be charged at 35 cents per mile over the allowance.
  • How are the relocation days calculated?
    RV relocations are calculated on a per night basis. Most RV relocations are available for pick up from 2pm and must be returned by 11am on the last day. within the operating hours. An example of a 3 day car relocation – pick up 12pm 1 August and drop off 12pm 4 August.
  • Do I get a Gas Allowance?
    Many relocation deals include a gas allowance. The allowance is refunded back to you at drop off on presentation of tax receipts. The allowance is an amount towards your gas costs and any gas costs over this amount will be at your own expense.
  • Are the RVs fully equipped?
    RVs are fully equipped with all your camping and cooking needs. Linen and bedding is also included with most of the trips or can be hired for a nominal fee.
  • Is there an insurance deductible?
    The insurance details will vary depending on the company that you are relocating for. Most RVs will have an insurance deductible of $1000. The insurance amount is charged to your credit card as a bond when you pick up and refunded when your return the vehicle on time and with no damage. Please check insurance details specific to the relocation at the time of booking.
  • How do I pay for my booking fee, holding deposit and bond?
    Payment of your booking fee, holding deposit and insurance excess must be done by Visa or Mastercard. Debit and Credit Card are accepted unless specified. The bond can only be paid when you collect the vehicle and the credit card holder must be present at pick up to sign the rental agreement and present their drivers license. NOTE: the credit card holder must hold a valid driver’s license
  • What is the quickest way to make a booking?

    Book online at or on the imoova app or call our imoova team

    1. 1300 789 059 from Australia - AEST 8am to 5pm
    2. 0800 789 059 from New Zealand - 10am to 7pm
    3. 1877 534 8054 from USA/Canada - West Coast 2pm to 12 midnight, Central 4pm to 2am, East Coast 5pm to 3am
    4. +61 7 3236 9520 from anywhere else in the world
  • What happens once I book online?
    We will contact the rental company to check availability and confirm your booking. We will charge your credit card the booking fee, holding deposit and extra day deposits if applicable only once the booking is confirmed. A confirmation email will be sent to you with detailed information which includes all pick up and drop off details. You are then ready to start your adventure! If your booking request cannot be confirmed we will notify you as soon as possible and your details will be added to our priority waiting list. We will contact you as soon as we have a trip to suit you. If you booking is not confirmed your credit card will not be charged. Please don’t make any other travel arrangements prior to your booking being confirmed.
  • Can I join a waiting list?

    You can join our waiting list and we will send you a text or email once we get a trip. Make sure you include a valid mobile phone number as we will send you an SMS once we get a match. You can also email with the following information:

    1. 1. Destinations you want to relocate between (eg. Los Angeles to Las Vegas)
    2. 2. Start and end dates for travel
    3. 3. Number of people travelling
    4. 4. Contact phone number