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Brisbane, Australia
Drop off location:
Rockhampton, Australia
Vehicle type: Intermediate Auto Car
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Latest drop off date: 30 Jun 2022
Days allowed: 4 ($5.00AUD per 24 hours)
Kms Allowance 2000
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Driver age (years)*:
Full license (English text), international license, license with English sworn translation
Security deposit: 
Security deposit paid to rental company at counter: $1000. Payment: charge to credit card.
The credit card holder must be present at pick up and hold a valid drivers license.
Your kilometres allowance is 2000. Extra kilometres will be charged at $0.33AUD per kilometre
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Booking fee:  $35.00AUD
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Booking fee:  $35.00AUD
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Vehicle:Intermediate Auto Car
Vehicle features 
Anchor Points:2
Fuel type:Petrol
Kilometres allowance:2000
Age:25 years+
No-surcharge driver age25 years+
Young driver surcharge:$25.85AUD per day
Security deposit:$1000 . Payment: charge to credit card.
Insurance:Insurance Liability: $5200 AUD
Insurance Excess Reduction 1:
$40.35/day to reduce to $1350
$48.20/day to reduce to nil

Age Surcharge for 21-24, $25.85/day
Extra Kilometre Charge:$0.33AUD   *this is the amount that you will be charged per kilometre if you exceed the kilometre allowance
T&CT&C COVID 19 conditions:
Bookings are non-refundable for any rentals booked from 19 March 2020. Please check local restrictions.

If you need to change your booking after your request is submitted, please note will charge an administration fee of AU$25. **PLEASE CHECK YOU HAVE REQUESTED THE CORRECT DATES** and book extra days if required to avoid amendment charges. If you are changing dates and locations, the rate may differ to that which is currently booked.

RELOCATION SPECIALS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you need to cancel this booking at any stage after it is confirmed, you will forfeit the funds paid to imoova. This includes the Holding Deposit, Booking Fee and any deposit paid on Extra Days. In the event of the vehicle becoming unavailable to the renter due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the supplier�s control, liability is limited to a refund of the booking fee and deposit paid to us. There is no refund for out of pocket expenses, accommodation charges, meals or change of itinerary. We recommend travel insurance is purchased to cover any out of pocket expenses.

Redspot Car Rentals Terms & Conditions

Basic Rate Inclusions with a $3,350 Excess:

Item Information

Kilometre Limits
iMoova reservations have a Kilometre Limit, please refer to your reservation for confirmation of KM limits and Extra Kilometre Charges.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Reduces the renter�s financial responsibility against
damage to the hired car in case of an accident. Excess
of Zero (excluding damage to Windscreen, Headlights,
Tyres and Overhead)

Single Vehicle Accident

Damage Liability of $3,350

Reversing Damage

Damage Liability of $3,350

Third Party Insurance

$30 Million property damage cover. Personal injury
cover for 3rd parties and passengers (excludes driver)

Premium Location Fee (PLF) (on rental rates &

Included on both rental rates and optional extras

Registration Recovery Fee (RRF)

Included on both rental rates and optional extras

Administration / Contract Fee (on rental rates &

Included on both rental rates and optional extras

Stamp Duty

Included on both rental rates and optional extras

Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Rates & optional extras are inclusive of 10% Goods
and Services Tax (GST). Redspot reserves the right to
vary its rates in accordance with any change to the
government rate of GST applicable.

Additional Drivers

Spouse included

Standard Roadside Assistance

The vehicle is covered for Roadside assistance for
vehicle breakdowns. If the call out is due to driver
negligence the renter will be charged a breakdown
call out fee.

All Prices are inclusive of GST, Airport Fees and other charges

Young & Older Drivers:

Redspot has a minimum driver age of 21 years old. There is no maximum age. Drivers 21-24 years old are restricted to vehicles ECMR, ECAR, CDAR &
IDAR only and are subject to a A$25.85 per day fee

Probationary & Restricted Licences:

Drivers holding a provisional or restricted licence are permitted, subject to payment of a daily surcharge of A$30.80.
Drivers who have held a licence for less than 12 months are not permitted to drive the vehicle at any time.

Portable Satellite Navigation System:

Portable Satellite Navigation systems (mostly Tom Tom) are available for rental with Redspot vehicles. The
units are supplied with cradles to fix to the windscreen of the vehicle and charging units for the batteries. The
units are available at all locations subject to availability for A$19.80 per day.

Baby / Booster Seats:

Redspot can provide child restraints/booster seats for any vehicle in its fleet at a cost of flat fee of A$60.50 Child restraints are compulsory
when transporting infants and young children by motor vehicle on Australian roads. All Redspot vehicles are
fitted with child restraint anchor points.

Redspot offers 2 types of child seats for hire: child restraints and child booster seats. Each type is available at
Redspot locations in limited supply. We recommend child seats are pre-booked to avoid disappointment.
Redspot offers a child booster seat which is a moulded child seat and height booster; it is not a child restraint. It
elevates the height of a child to enable the alignment of the sash of a lap sash seat belt across the child�s
shoulder and is recommended for children of 5 to 9 years of age.

Redspot offers a child restraint which is the reversible type. When fitted in the reverse position it is suitable for
newborn to 6-month old babies with the baby facing the rear of the vehicle. When fitted in the upright
position the child restraint is recommended for infants of 6 months to 5 years of age with the infant and
restraint facing forward.

Our staff can advise on what they believe to be the best type of restraint and method of fitting however cannot fit the child seat to the vehicle.

Please check that the restraint is installed to your requirements before driving off, as Redspot does not take any responsibility for incorrect fitting.

Premium Roadside Assistance:

This is the roadside assistance service that kicks in where standard breakdown service ends. Premium
Roadside Assistance covers those times when you just need a helping hand to get on your way, like fitting a
spare tyre or opening a car with the keys locked in.

Services offered in the Premium Roadside Assistance program include:

. Change a flat tyre (install vehicle�s spare tyre)
. Lockout service if you are locked out of your car
. Fuel delivery - up to 15 litres at no charge if you run out of fuel
. Jump starting your car if the battery is run flat (lights left on)
. $150 of accommodation or transport costs (reimbursement of expenses as a result of rental car

Premium Roadside Assistance is there to help you 24/7. For a daily fee of just A$9.90 customers save on all of the above and receive total peace of mind.

Please Note: Premium Roadside Assistance will coordinate provider services for you. You will need to be present with the vehicle for Premium Roadside Assistance services to be provided.

Windscreen, Headlight & Tyre (WHT):

This reduces the renters financial liability against damage to Windscreens, Headlights, Tyres and Overhead to
Zero, by paying A$9.90 per day

WHTO cover does not cover damage caused by a person stepping, standing or sitting on the roof or any other
panel of the Vehicle or by loading or unloading goods. The renter�s liability for Damage to the roof of the
Vehicle caused by loading or unloading goods including surf craft is not covered or limited.

Excess Reduction Fee - $950:

This reduces the renters financial liability against vehicle damage to A$950. Available for A$32.45 per day

Excess Reduction Fee � Zero (includes WHT&O):

Reduces the renters financial liability against damage to the hired car in-case of an accident. Excess of Zero.
Available for A$45.65per day.

Additional Credit Card Charges:

Charges for rental, optional extras, fuel and liabilities are calculated and payment collected at the time of
vehicle collection or return if applicable. Redspot accepts all major credit cards. A fee of 4.95% of any
additional charges applies to rentals settled by American Express or Diners Club and a fee of 1.65% applied to
MasterCard and Visa.


Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. Where a vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, the
renter will be charged for fuel and a refuelling fee. A minimum refuelling charge of A$25.00 applies if a fuel top
up is required. A pre-paid fuel option is available at time of collection at a discounted rate per litre. All fuel
charges must be settled by the renter.

Toll Road Passes:

Australia has a significant number of toll roads in particular Melbourne and Sydney many of which are cashless. Tolls vary dependant on the road used and the length of the journey. Customers can pay a flat daily fee to receive unlimited toll use across the country.
If a Customer declines this option and the vehicle travels through a toll collection point, they will be charged for the toll and an administration fee.

These charges will apply to the location of pick up. E.g. should a customer collect in Brisbane and return in Sydney, the QLD toll charges will apply.

If the client does not wish to pay the daily rate and our tag is used during the rental period they will be charged an administration fee of A$3.02 per toll plus the cost of the road toll.

Terms & Conditions

Prohibited Use of Vehicle:

It is prohibited:

. For the Vehicle to be taken or driven outside the Permitted Area of Use.
. To carry persons or passengers for payment.
. To carry a greater number of persons than the number of seatbelts provided in the Vehicle and/or for
a purpose for which the Vehicle was not designed and constructed.
. To carry any inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials in the Vehicle.
. To carry goods, without all necessary approvals, permits, licences and government requirements (If
any such are required they must be obtained at Renter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s cost).
. To carry goods otherwise than in accordance with the Vehicle manufacturer�s recommendations.
. To use the Vehicle to push or tow any vehicle, trailer, boat or other object.
. To drive the Vehicle Off-Road or anywhere other than where there is a gazetted man-made road.
. To use the Vehicle in racing or other motorsport or motorsport like activities, including pace making,
reliability trials, speed trials, hill climbing or in testing in preparation for those activities.
. For the Vehicle to be driven on beaches or through streams, dams, rivers, or flood waters (including
water caused by flash flooding, riverine flooding, stormwater flooding and actions of the sea), bush
fire affected areas or any roadway where the Police or any other Government authority have issued a
warning or caution.
. To use the Vehicle in Snow or Ice Conditions or above the snow line during periods of snow.
. To use the Vehicle in contravention of any legislation or a regulation controlling vehicular traffic.
. To carry animals in the Vehicle.
. To use the Vehicle in a dangerous manner or for illegal purpose or when it is damaged or unsafe.
. To smoke in the Vehicle.

Unsealed Road Use:

When driving on an unsealed road the renter must never exceed the sign posted speed limit or 50KMH,
whichever is the lesser. If the Renter drives on an unsealed road their liability for loss or damage will be
increased by the amount of the unsealed road liability shown in Part A of the rental agreement.

Single Vehicle Accident & Remote Location:

Where the Vehicle is hired from a Remote Location and driven between Sunset and Sunrise outside a City
Province, and loss or damage is the result of a Single Vehicle Accident You will be liable for all losses suffered.

A remote location means a location determined by Redspot as an isolated community and will have limitations
on kilometres, offer different liability provisions, not be permitted to drive on unsealed roads and subject to
Our Single Vehicle Accident policy.

Single Vehicle Accident means an accident not involving a collision between the Vehicle and another vehicle.
Should You be involved in a multi-vehicle accident and be unable to fully identify both the other vehicle/s
licence plate and the other driver including licence details, address and proper contact information the
accident is a Single Vehicle Accident.

Area of Use:

The Renter must not use the Vehicle outside the Permitted Area of Use. If the renter takes the Vehicle outside
the Permitted Area of Use their Liability for any loss or damage will increase and any optional insurance
selected void.

For Vehicles rented in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania & South
Australia, the permitted area of use DOES NOT include Western Australia or the Northern Territory. Vehicles
may not be driven in the Northern Territory no matter where they are rented from. Relocation rentals with delivery or pick up in Northern Territory or Western Australia are excluded.

Vehicles may not be driven above the snow line (from June to October), on beaches, in watercourses or rivers.

Western Australian:

For those Vehicles hired from Western Australia, the Permitted Area of Use does not include any other states
or Territories of Australia and does not include any place further north or east of Exmouth (21�54�S /
114�10�E); or further east than Kalgoorlie-Boulder Township (30�40�S / 121�22�E) or further east than
Esperance (33�45�S / 121�55�E).

Northern Territory:

For those Vehicles hired in the Northern Territory the Permitted Area of use does not include driving on the
road to Jim Jim Gorge and Twin Falls or north of the Oodnadatta Track (including the following areas: Mount
Dare, Dalhousie Springs, Witjira National Park and Pedirka Desert).


The Permitted Area of Use in Queensland does not include any place further north than Cooktown (15�30�S /
145�16�E) or in a westerly direction beyond Chillagoe (17�07�S / 144�33�E) and Georgetown (18�17�S /
143�33�E). The Permitted Area of Use does not include the �Bloomfield Track� coastal route between Cape
Tribulation (16�05�S / 145�29�E) and Cooktown (15�30�S / 145�16�E) or Fraser Island or Stradbroke Island.

South Australia:

The Permitted Area of Use in South Australia does not include any place further

north than Wilpena (31�25�S / 139�29�E), or in a westerly direction beyond Ceduna (32�07�S / 133�46�E).

Many Australian roads become dangerous and unpassable at times of adverse weather and during bushfires,
floods, snow and ice. Intended travel routes may be unsafe for travel and must be approved by Redspot at the
time of vehicle collection. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure conditions remain safe for travel at all

Rental Period:

A rental day is 24 hours. A twenty-nine (29) minute grace period is extended beyond this time after which an
additional day will be charged to the hirer. All rental extensions must be requested by the hirer and
authorised and paid direct to Redspot. The rate may vary from that originally paid. At peak times and with
specialty vehicle types extensions may not be possible. No refunds are given for vehicles returned early. If a
rental spans two seasons, the rate applicable to the pick-up date is used for the entire rental.

Drivers Licence and Identification:

Redspot accepts current Australian, International and overseas licences. Overseas licences that are not easily
identifiable as a drivers licence must be accompanied by an International Licence or English translation. Valid
driver�s licence must be held for a minimum of 12 months.

Payment, Cash and Credit Card Bonds:

A valid credit card or debit card must be provided for all rentals. For payments we accept all major credit
cards, debit cards and cash and for deposits we only accept all major credit cards, debit cards (NO CASH).
Charges for options and coverage must be settled at the commencement of the rental together with a deposit
(bond). The credit card holder is listed as the hirer and must be present at the time of rental commencement.
The credit card deposit (by way of authorisation) is up to A$1000.00.

A credit card fee applies as follows and is applicable to all rental charges (excluding the deposit bond) including
any optional items purchased and damage liability charges. There is no refund of credit card surcharges:

American Express / Diners Card - 4.50% (Excluding GST)

Visa / MasterCard - 1.50% (Excluding GST)

Cancellation Fees & Refunds:

Redspot does not charge for reservation cancellations provided a 24 hour or greater notice period has been
given. Redspot reserves the right to charge 2 days of the value of the booking for a no show or where we are
not notified of the cancellation prior to the start of the rental. In the event a rental has commenced, there is
no refund for any unused days of the rental.

One Way Rentals:

One-way rentals are permitted to and from all Redspot locations other than Tasmania and Western Australia.
One-way rentals are permitted both ways between Hobart and Launceston. The ECMR and ECAR are not
permitted on one way rentals.

All one way rentals are on a strict on request basis only.

Details of the applicable relocation charges will be issued as a separate attachment.

Car rental is available from the following airport locations: Darwin, Cairns, Rockhampton, Mackay, Sunshine
Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast (Coolangatta), Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Launceston, Hobart,
Adelaide & Perth.

Car Rental is available from the following downtown locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

Vehicles may be reserved by vehicle class, but not by specific make and model. Redspot reserves the right to
allocate a higher category vehicle to the customer without additional cost. Any consequential costs, such as
increased fuel costs are to be borne by the renter.

If the hirer requests a downgrade they shall not be entitled to a rental refund.

Please advise flight numbers for all bookings from airport locations.

Flight Delays:

At airport locations Redspot will hold vehicles when flights are delayed provided the flight number has been
given. Vehicles will be released if not collected 30 minutes after flights have cleared. At city locations vehicles
will be held for one hour (60 minutes) after the nominated collection time.

Traffic Infringements:

Redspot charges an administration fee of $55 to pass on traffic infringements to the hirer of the vehicle at the
time of infringement. The administration fee is charged to the hirer�s credit card without prior notice and
notification is sent to the hirer at the home / business address provided at the time of rental.

Vehicle Breakdowns:

Redspot regularly services and maintains its vehicle fleet. Roadside assistance is included with every rental. If
the call out is due to driver negligence the Renter will be charged a breakdown call out fee of A$200 per incident.

Redspot has several different service providers for its vehicles. For roadside assistance the renter must contact
the service provider advised at the time of collection.

Left / Lost Property:

Redspot makes every attempt but accepts no obligation or responsibility to recover and return to the owner
items left in its vehicles or on its premises. Any costs in recovery or return of items will be passed on to or be
the responsibility of the property�s owner.

Customer Liability:

The rental vehicle and third parties (including single vehicle & reversing damage) are insured for loss or
damage provided the renter is not in breach of the rental agreement. Should there be a breach of the rental
agreement, there is no insurance cover and the renter is responsible for all losses and damages.

The renter is responsible for the loss or damage liability (excess) elected at time of collection and shown on
Part A of the rental agreement.

If Redspot�s vehicle or a third party suffers loss or damage during the rental period, in addition to the amount
of damage or loss a Claims Administration Fee is charged to the renter. The Claims Administration Fee up to $275 depending on the nature of the claim.

The Hirer will be liable for all costs if:

. The Renter has seriously breached any term or condition of this Rental Agreement and that breach
has a causal link to loss or damage.
. The Vehicle or any third party property is damaged by loading or unloading goods or by a person
stepping, standing or sitting on the roof or on any other panel of the Vehicle.
. The Vehicle or any third party property is damaged by driving the Vehicle under or into an object
lower than the height of the Vehicle.
. The Vehicle is totally or partially immersed in water as a result of driving into flood waters or a
flooded area or on a submerged road or by not taking reasonable care not to park the Vehicle where
it may be subject to water immersion.
. The interior of the Vehicle is damaged regardless of the cause except as a result of collision damage.
. Any original component or accessory of the Vehicle is missing or has been replaced without Redspot�s
. The Renter has failed to secure any load or equipment which leads to loss or damage to the Vehicle or
to any third party property caused by any part of the load or equipment.
. The Renter failed or neglected to take reasonable steps to protect the safety of the Vehicle during or
after the occurrence of an accident or breakdown (including following any reasonable instructions
given by Redspot).
. The claim relates to property (including another vehicle) The Renter or any member of The Renter's
family owns or has physical, legal custody or control of.
. The Renter refuses to take a breath or blood test or The Renter's blood alcohol concentration exceeds
the lawful percentage whilst driving the Vehicle or The Renter is under the influence of a drug that
would prohibit The Renter from driving under any law applicable in the State or Territory in which The
Renter is driving at the time of the event resulting in the loss.
. The loss is caused by The Renter's use or intended use of the Vehicle for an illegal purpose.
. The Renter wilfully or maliciously damages the Vehicle.
. The loss is caused by The Renter�s wilful contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling
vehicular traffic.
. The Renter drives on an Unsealed Road in which case The Renter�s liability for Loss or Damage will be
increased by the amount of the Unsealed Road Loss or Damage Liability as shown on Part A of this
Rental Agreement.
. More than one accident or incident occurs. Should more than one accident or incident occur The Renter�s liability for each subsequent incident (after the first) will be the Subsequent Loss or Damage
Liability noted on The Renter�s Rental Agreement Part A for each subsequent incident.
. The Vehicle is missing or stolen and The Renter has not kept the Vehicle locked when not in use, the
keys under The Renter�s personal control or The Renter has not produced and returned the keys to
Redspot .
. The Renter gives the Vehicle to or permits any person/s to drive the Vehicle who is not an Authorised
Driver and as a result causes Loss or Damage to the Vehicle.

Loss or damage occurring to the rental vehicle or to a third party or property is covered by Redspot�s
insurance. The hirer must pay the full amount of liability (excess), as shown on Part A of the rental
Agreement to Redspot regardless of which driver/s is at fault.

If the renter is covered by a third party insurance policy the renter must pay the full amount of liability (excess)
to Redspot. It is the Renter�s responsibility to recover through the third party insurer. If the
renter purchases liability (excess) reduction from Redspot it will not be refunded, even if the renter is also
covered by third party insurance policy.

Event of Damage or Claim

Where the use of the Vehicle by The Renter, or any other person results in an accident or claim, or where
damage or loss is sustained to the Vehicle or any third party property or if the Vehicle has been stolen, The
Renter must:

. Immediately report such incident to the local police and Redspot
. Immediately furnish Redspot with a fully and accurately completed, legible and signed Collision or
Damage Report Form or Hirer Indemnity Statement. Failure
. to submit either form within seven days of any incident will constitute a serious breach of this Rental
. Immediately pay Redspot the amount shown on Part A of the Rental
. Agreement as Loss or Damage Liability plus the Unsealed Road Loss or Damage Liability if applicable
. Complete and furnish to Redspot within a reasonable time any statement, information or assistance
which Redspot or its insurer may reasonably require, including attending at a lawyer�s office and at
court to give evidence.
. The Renter�s reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.
. Not make or give any offer, promise of payment, settlement, waiver, release, indemnity or admission
of liability.
. Permit Redspot or its insurers at its own cost to bring, defend, enforce or settle any legal proceedings
against a third party;
. Forward to Redspot any claims or correspondence from third parties within seven days of receipt.
. In the event that The Renter reports the Vehicle stolen The Renter must return the keys to Redspot

The renter is responsible for the cost of transport back to the rental depot should the vehicle become un-
driveable while on any island or travelling within an area outside of the permitted area of use or on an
unsealed road.

Replacement Vehicle:

Redspot reserves the right to refuse to provide a replacement vehicle or refunding unused days in cases where
an accident was caused by the driver of the rental car

Maintenance, Security, Safety & Repair:

Renters must:

. Maintain all of the Vehicle�s engine oils and engine coolant levels at the manufacturer�s
recommended levels,
. Report to Redspot any defect in the vehicle of which you have become aware,
. Maintain tyre pressures at manufacturers recommended levels,
. keep the Vehicle locked and the keys under Your personal control at all times and produce such keys
if the Vehicle has been stolen,
. Follow any reasonable instruction given by Redspot relating to the Vehicle,
. If refuelling the Vehicle ensure only the correct grade and type of fuel recommended by the
manufacturer of the Vehicle is used.

The Renter must not repair nor have repairs to the Vehicle carried out unless Redspot authorises to do so or
where there is an emergency and Redspot�s consent cannot reasonably be obtained. Redspot will only
reimburse for the cost of repairs if the Renter submits the original receipts for those repairs and Redspot

Cleaning Fees:

All Redspot vehicles are strictly non-smoking. A cleaning fee of up to $275.00 will be charged if a rental vehicle
is returned excessively soiled, or with stained or soiled seats, or if there is smell or evidence of smoking upon

Rental Charges:

All rental charges are subject to final audit. Any additional amount or shortfall identified upon audit will be
payable by the hirer.

Additional Costs:

Redspot will not reimburse consequential costs to the rental incurred by the renter such as; fuel, motor oil,
tolls, fines, administration costs, parking fees, postal charges, phone and mobile phone calls, overnight
accommodation, meals, supplementary insurance, credit card fees or currency exchange losses and rental

Vehicle Collection Procedure

Listed below are the procedures that customers should follow to collect their vehicles.

City Locations � Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth:

All customers have to do is find their way to our conveniently located city offices (refer to location list) and
present their credit card, drivers� licence and voucher or reservation advice at the sales counter.

On Airport (in terminal) Locations

Redspot has rental service desks within the above airport terminals. After collecting their baggage customer
should follow the car rental signs in the arrivals section of the airport terminal to our rental desks. Once there
it is simply a matter of presenting credit card, driver�s licence and voucher or reservation advice at the sales

Vehicle Return Procedure

Listed below are the procedures that customers should follow to return their vehicles.

City Locations � Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth:

Returning vehicles to our capital city locations is simply a matter of driving into the parking bays in front of our
capital city locations and returning the keys to the staff at our counters

Please note rental vehicles must be returned during office hours unless an after hour return is requested and
agreed with the location manager. For after hour returns no staff member will be present to check the car in.

On Airport (in terminal) Locations

Returning a vehicle to an on-airport location is a simple procedure. Customer should follow the signs marked
car rental return and park the vehicle in the bays that are marked �REDSPOT� parking bays. Customer should
note the fuel level and mileage before returning the keys to our rental desks. All rental desks at on-airport
locations are located in the arrivals section of the airport terminal.

Please note for after-hours returns no staff member will be present to check the car in.