Vancouver, Banff to Edmonton Road Trip Tips

Driving through the winding highways of Canada may seem daunting at first, but you will end up wondering why you haven’t done it sooner! The views are nothing short of incredible and Canadian drivers are (generally) very considerate. The Canadian Rockies road trip is one of the top drives in Canada.

Vancouver – Banff

Make sure you have everything you need, and you know the terms and conditions of your rental vehicle! Pick up your relocation vehicle and you are on your way! Drive the 8-10 hours straight to Banff, or break up your trip by stopping in Revelstoke on the way.

Banff National Park

Banff is of course one of the most stunning national parks in Canada. There are plenty of hikes and activities to get up to. Lake Louise and nearby Moraine Lake are right at the top of the Banff to do list. Canoe and hike to your heart’s content. Valley of the Ten Peaks, Plain of Six Glaciers hike and Johnston Canyon are favourites but try to get there early to somewhat avoid the crowds. See below for some more nearby hikes.

Stay: There are a few campgrounds, but make sure to book ahead during peak season.

Banff – Jasper

If you have rented your vehicle for enough days, take an extra day to go to Jasper National Park as well. The Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper is one of the top drives for a Canada road trip. It is a 3-4 hour drive but you could easily spend much longer in this area. These stops are on the way:

  • Bow Lake is apparently amazing at sunrise if you are an early riser and is the starting point for Bow Glacier Falls hike (easy), Jimmy Simpson Junior hike (not as easy) and Iceberg Lake.
  • Peyto Lake
  • Columbia Icefields where you can take a tour on the glacier
  • Athabasca Falls – expect it to be busy
  • Sunwapta falls
  • Parker Ridge Hike

Jasper National Park

Again, make sure to book a campsite ahead of time! Whistler Campground is close to town and more attractions. After a long, active day, unwind by the flickering light of a campfire or maybe take a soak in the Miette Hot Springs.

Jasper – Edmonton

Alas, it is the last day and onward you drive to say goodbye to this leg of your incredible Canadian Rockies road trip. Drop off your relocation rental in Edmonton and


General tips for RV in Canada

  • It is a good idea to book campsites ahead of time. In most campsites, RVs can plug into electricity, fresh water and drains. Campsite fees in national parks are usually around $35/night. Some parks also have entry permits. Look for campsites here.
  • Check some carparks if you need a place to pull up overnight  – would advise calling ahead of time
  • As always, factor for remoteness for camping in parks and stock up on meals before
  • If you are going in winter and are not an experienced driver, make sure you have done your research about the roads, your vehicle and driving tips!
  • You may encounter deer, elk or Big Horn sheep – so be cautious on the roads
  • If wildlife is on the road, don’t feed them and only pull over if it is safeDo you have any Canada Road trip stories or tips? Comment or message us! We would love to hear them.