Miami to New York Road Trip Itinerary

See beautiful beaches, glorious mountain ranges, and historically rich cities, all in the space of one week. Yes, this is possible in a 6-day road trip from Miami to New York.

Mountain Range

Day 1 – Cocoa Beach & Kennedy Space Centre

Pick up your relocation vehicle in Miami for just $1/night. Begin your road trip along the coast line of Florida, enjoying the scenery of the pristine, unspoilt beaches. Stop in Cocoa Beach for a morning dip, and walk along the famous Cocoa Beach Pier. After grabbing some fresh seafood for lunch, take a short trip to the Kennedy Space Centre, where you can see a space shuttle, touch a moon rock, and meet an astronaut – the kids will love it!

Day 2 – Savannah

Continue driving along the coast line towards Savannah, maybe stopping for some more beach time along the way. As you drive into Savannah, take note of the gorgeous historic architecture. You might like to take a stroll along the Savannah river, down the cobble stone streets, and through the amazing Forsyth Park. Make sure to visit the lively River Street for a dinner while you watch streets musicians playing as the sun sets.

Day 3 – Falls Park on the Reedy

On day 3, say goodbye to the coastline for now, and drive inland into South Carolina. Your first stop will be the beautiful Falls Park on the Reedy. Here you can walk along bridge that meanders around a waterfall. You will be amazed by the luscious trees and gardens, and can finish the day off with a craft-beer in one of the many pubs and restaurants.

Day 4 – Great Smokey Mountains Park

Next stop – The Great Smokey Mountains Park. Prepare to be blown away by the scenery of ancient mountains and stunning natural wildlife. Not only is the park breath-taking in itself, but the drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Day 5 – Washington DC

Not too far from New York now. But you can’t drive past Washington DC without stopping in. As the capital city of the USA, it goes without saying that this city is full of interesting things to do, from visiting historical monuments and museums to dining and wining in the array of luxurious restaurants and eclectic bars.

Day 6 – New York

The last leg of this road trip will take you into New York, a creative and quirky city bursting with culture and energy. You will never have a dull moment here! But don’t forget to drop off your relocation vehicle on time.