Imoova Review – Bob and Lea’s Experience

With Imoova, we discovered one of our favourite ways to travel. It’s called a relocation, where vehicle suppliers use Imoova to book their vehicles one way, for a much cheaper price. We used Imoova to book a 12 day trip across the US. It gave us the freedom to visit all the places we’ve wanted to go to without blowing our budget. It was our first overseas trip in a long time, having recently retired from careers with 7 day work weeks. Here is our review of our Imoova experience. 

Lea was apprehensive at first, but after seeing our nearly-new class A RV, she was impressed. She even drove it some of the way across the planes of South Dakota- despite strong winds trying to blow us off the roads. The vehicle was like an apartment on wheels, much more luxurious than I would have thought.


Chicago – Wisconsin – South Dakota – Black Hills

We picked up our RV near Chicago, Illinois with our plan solely to turn right and head out to the east coast. After a stop at Walmart to get everything sorted, we headed north to Wisconsin and across the planes of South Dakota to Rapid City. We stayed near Black Hills and got day tours out to see Mt Rushmore and Spearfish Canyon. It was so picturesque – it looked like a winter wonderland. We really don’t have anything like that here in Australia.

Cheyenne – Denver – Grand Junction – Moab

From there went down through Wyoming to Cheyenne then on to Denver. We crossed the mountains past Aspen and out to Grand Junction. Then we pressed on to Moab in Utah, which is considered the adventure capital of Utah. It had everything there for extremists; sky diving, mountain biking and canyoneering were just the start. We had a fun jet boating experience and a lovely sunset cruise through the hills.

Navajo – Flagstaff – Needles – Los Angeles

We headed south to the Navajo Nation Reservation, which was incredible. Touring around Monument Valley and hearing all the Navajo stories was surreal. Flagstaff, Arizona was our next stop and from there we wound up our trip: onto Needles on the border of California, before dropping off our vehicle in Los Angeles. You might say that is too long a drive – 4000 kilometres to be exact – but when the scenery is so different it doesn’t feel at all tedious.

Imoova Review

We are preparing for 2 more trips with Imoova, one from Adelaide to Hobart with ferry included and another US trip in 2018. We love doing relocations, it’s a really great way to travel.